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The teachers at Davao Music School

Sir Michael

Sir Michael is director of  Paulus Music School.

He also offers piano and and guitar lessons in his studio in Villa Josefina Village Resort.

Students from Toril, Dacoville, Puan, Ulas, Matina, Bago,Rosalina, Ihwa, Gulf View are welcome to

have class is his comfortable studio with airconditioning, digital Roland piano and a nice atmosphere.

Michael Paulus graduated for classical guitar and piano at the Tilburg Conservatory in the Netherlands. 

He is teaching guitar and piano with great pleasure already for 35 years at various music schools and in his own studio.

Three years ago he started the online lessons with Skype or Facetime.

On Youtube you can find lot of clips and find out Michael is an all around musician who is also familiar

with modern techniques on the computer.

In 1985 and 1986 he got the diploms to teach on primary school and highschool.

In 1992 he  graduated as a choir conductor.



Other important courses he did are NLP practitionar, master-practitionar,

postmaster-practitionar and NLP-trainer.

NLP, stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, gives highly qualified skills to coach students.

NLP is used to increase the student's selfesteem and feeling better and more free on stage.

It helps you getting better results from practizing guitar, piano or singing. 


Sir Ruzzle

Sir Ruzzle is teacher at Paulus Music School  who will offer home service piano and drums tuition in Downtown Area of Davao.
Sir Ruzzle interest in music started already at a very young age.
He was listening to bands like The Cranberries, The Carpenters, The Beatles, Bee Gees, Boyzone and other 90ís pop and rock music.
First at high school he started to have an interest in rock and other forms of heavy metal music.


His first instrument was guitar when he was 15 years old.He enjoyed playing the famous Smoke on the Water riff in one note through hearing.
His family was amazed discovering his musical skills in learning guitar through listening on the radio.
When his family recognised his skills in music, they informed him about the music courses that offered U.I.C.

After he was officially enrolled in UIC, he started to concentrate on piano courses.
He started to play and learn piano when he was 19 years old.
He was a fast learner and made fast progress in playing the piano in a short time.
He also discovered to have an absolute pitch which makes it easy to identify chords and melodies through listening.
He also plays drums and sometimes bass guitar in church.

Sir Ruzzle graduate
d in March 2019. His recital pieces are already completed by the grace of God.
He has chosen 11 piano pieces to play on his graduation recital which he will perform before he graduates.
He has a great passion in teaching piano.
Beside the piano lessons he also likes to teach drums.


Contact and address

Block1, Lot 19, Phase 4, Villa Josefina Resort, Dumoy, Davao City.

Phone: 0947 554 3138 or 0842 3223 235


whatsapp: add 0947 554 3138

skypename: skypegitaarles.nl